Terms of Service

By using our mobile applications, you accept the use of cookies for audience measurement and ad refinement. What is a cookie ? When the User enters a Service, the latter automatically sends a cookie to his mobile device. These are small folders containing text, which allow a server to recognize a mobile device and therefore know if the phone has visited the Service before. Cookies themselves do not identify a User, only the mobile device they are using. Cookies simply keep track of which parts of the Service the device in question has visited, and how long it has spent there. The User is free to oppose the recording of “cookies” by configuring his device via his parameters; however, by refusing cookies, it will be impossible to provide certain personalized services and this manipulation may slow down or prevent access to certain features of the Service. Why do we use cookies? We use cookies to make advertising more attractive to users and more profitable for publishers and advertisers. Cookies are thus also used to select advertisements according to their relevance to the user, to improve reports on campaign performance and to prevent the display of advertisements that the user has already seen. Our cookies are shared with third parties including Google. We also use conversion cookies, the main purpose of which is to help advertisers determine how many people who clicked on their ads ended up buying their products. These cookies tell us and the advertiser that you clicked on the ad and then came to the advertiser’s site. We do not use conversion cookies for personalized ad targeting. Furthermore, they only remain active for a limited period of time. The objective in collecting personal information is to offer you, the user, personalized access to the web and to provide our advertisers with appropriate means to reach the desired audience. By knowing a little about you, we are able to offer more relevant content and advertisements and therefore provide you with a better service. We use advertising companies or third parties to provide advertisements when you use our services. These companies may use information (this excludes any information relating to your identity, name, address, e-mail or telephone number) during your use of our mobile applications and other mobile applications and websites so that they can provide advertisements that are more relevant to your interests. We also disclose aggregated personal data in statistical form (for example, 80% of our users are men) in order to describe our services to potential partners, advertisers or others, or for other lawful purposes. For more information: Enable or disable cookies: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/61416?hl=fr Permissions requested when installing our applications We ask for permissions when installing our applications depending on the need for access. Wi-Fi connection information: To know whether or not you are connected to the Internet in order to upload files locally to your local storage. Storage space: In order to store data that you can use offline like your favorite videos. Photos/multimedia/files: In order to have access to the files that we have stored in your phone to both know your uses of our services in order to better adapt it to your needs and also in order to better target our advertisements and give you access to offline services. Geolocation: In order to know your position to adapt our advertisements to your environment and also to load DNS files closer to you. Email: We store your email in order to offer you free and personalized access to our TV streams and also in order to offer you our paid offers Telephone number: In order to offer you paid services in addition to free access, we store your telephone number. Your email and phone number are not shared with any other entity